Ear Acupuncture

Ear AcupunctureIn our office, we use Chiropractic adjustments and Acupuncture to help your body heal itself. The nervous system controls every cell, function, and process in the body. Adjustments take pressure off nerves and allow innate power to flow properly. Restoring proper nerve flow or impulse allows your body to do the healing. All health occurs from the inside. Along with adjustments, we utilize Acupuncture to assist in the healing process. Acupuncture helps to balance out energy flow and promote healing. Although many people think of needles all over the body when they hear the word “Acupuncture,” there are other ways to stimulate points. In our office, we most commonly treat Acupuncture points located on the ear and see amazing results.

Ear Acupuncture: also known as Auriculotherapy or Auricular Therapy; Ear Acupuncture is a fast and very effective way to treat many conditions through stimulation of Acupuncture points located on the ears. I hear this quite often in my practice, “How does it work, Doc?”

A Simple Explanation: The ear is a micro system of the body and contains approximately 200 different Acupuncture points. What this means is that we can treat the entire body through stimulation of Acupuncture points on the ear. The ear acts as a “switchboard” to the brain. With Ear Acupuncture, by treating very specific points relating to specific areas of the body, we stimulate healing. These ear points send a signal to the brain to stimulate a healing effect to the desired area of the body associated with the specific point or points being treated. There are many methods to treat the ear, including needles, electrical stimulation, seed patches, and acupressure. The effects from stimulating ear points is often faster, and more effective than treating body points.

Common Conditions Treated include with Ear Acupuncture but are not limited to: Migraines, Weight loss and Appetite Suppression, Addiction, Sciatica, Asthma, TMJ disorders, Increased Immune Function, Allergies, Stress, Tension Headaches, Musculoskeletal Pain, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Organ Dysfunction (i.e. Heart, Lung, Stomach, Kidney, Gallbladder, Intestines), Extremity complaints (Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot conditions), Diabetes, Memory Loss, Spinal Disorders of the Neck and Back, Infertility, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, and many more.

Although viewed as an “Alternative Health Care” approach, Chiropractic and Acupuncture allow your body to work naturally. It only makes sense that Drugs and Surgery should be the ALTERNATIVE! Contact us today to get your health back!

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revised by Dr. Ryan Tarnick, D.C. from Dr. January, D.C.