Subluxations and Chiropractic

What is a subluxation?  A subluxation is a mis-alignment in the spine that is putting presssure on the nervous system and causing interference in the communication from the brain out to the rest of the body.  Chiropractors are the only doctors that look to the spine for subluxation and correct the cause of dysfunction.  What do subluxations do?  They cause dis-ease, pain, and accelerate aging.  They affect internal organs, glands, muscles, joints, and discs.  Subluxations stress your brain and meninges (brain and spinal cord coverings).  They also decrease height, drain energy and lower resistance to disease.  Chiropractors analyze your body for subluxations (nerve stress) to detect and correct them with a Chiropractic adjustment so your body can function the way it was designed too; interference free.  The Chiropractic adjustment removes or reduces subluxations or nerve stress to improve the connection between your inner healing ability, nervous system, and body.  This enhances energy, resistance to disease and physical emotional well-being.  Our gentle Chiropractic adjusting technique helps the body heal itself and allows our patients to reach their fullest living potential by removing nervous system interference from their bodies.