Subluxations can reduce nerve impulses by 60% Choose Chiropractic

Choosing Chiropractic in Lincoln, NE benefits your overall health.

Vertebral Subluxation or misaligned vertebra in the spine put pressure on the nervous system and can reduce nerve impulses and communication by 60%.

Can you imagine how well your refrigerator would function if it were plugged in 60% of the time?  Probably not very well.  Just like our bodies wouldn’t function well if nerve impulses were reduced and communication was not 100% between the brain and the rest of your organs and tissues.

Getting regular Chiropractic adjustments is key to our overall health.  Our nervous system is our master control center communicating function of our entire body.  When spinal/vertebral pressure is on the nervous system, our body can not function as it is supposed to.  This makes Chiropractic an important part of staying healthy.  Dr. Ryan Tarnick, a chiropractor in Lincoln, NE, is your resource for chiropractic care in Nebraska.

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